The Linlithgow Cross Well Conservation Project

We were delighted to be tasked with restoring the Historic Cross Well in the heart of Linlithgow. The Well dates back to the mid 16th Century but the current structure was built in 1807 by Robert Gray, a one-armed Edinburgh stone mason. Robert built a replica of an earlier structure dating from 1628.

To restore the Well, we used traditional methods rather than power tools for the majority of the work which included replacing a carved flying buttress, and intricately carving a new head for the Black Bitch.  An important part of the project was removing bacterial growth, moss, lichen, bird guano and graffiti by means of a deep steam wash using our new Doff Technology which uses low pressure and high temperature steam to gently clean the sandstone.

Finally all existing plumbing and electrical work was replaced and upgraded.  The Well is now fully restored in every aspect to its former glory.


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