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Linlithgow Cross Well

We were honoured in 2016 to be appointed to restore and repair Linlithgow’s prestigious monument, The Cross Well.

There were a range of cleaning, restoration, carving and stone, water and electrical repairs required. Works included:

Replacing a carved flying buttress and carving a new head for the Black Bitch all of which provided a rare opportunity for our skilled stone masons to carve such an ornate and prominent piece.

We used traditional methods rather than power tools throughout the project.

Our new DOFF cleaning system removed all bacterial growth, moss, lichen, bird guano and graffiti as well as taking the stone back to its original glory.

Mortar joints were removed and repaired using lime mortar.

We installed an led lighting system and upgraded all electrical work.

Finally, plumbing work was carried out to get the water flowing and the Well working again.

“We at Architectural Conservation are delighted to have the opportunity to work on such a prestigious monument located right on our door step. The project means that we can provide an insight locally into what we are all about and at the same time restore and improve local built heritage.” 

Gavin McGrotty, Managing Director, Architectural Conservation


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